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Opening for the Experiences​

Farm Tour

Our Farm Tours begin with a walk through our farm to learn about fruit trees, how they grow and their various uses. You can pick some of your favorite fruits and flowers, learn more about when to harvest and how to incorporate them into your daily diets. Check out our sunflower fields, organic veggies and herbs in the garden & swing by the chicken coop on your way to our aquaponics area. The tour lasts about 45 minutes to an hour and ends with a plate of refreshing fruit from the land. We can’t wait to share this special experience with you all. Planting seeds of Aloha!

Field Trips (for keiki and adult)

We host field trips for all varieties of schools & age groups. This is our opportunity to share our knowledge of this beautiful land for future generations to come. There are endless options for field trips and we can customize this experience to your group. Some groups enjoy touring the land, some want to get their hands dirty and help us plant & harvest & some want to curate their own custom experience. Please reach out so we can help your group bring this vision to life!

Rent A Multipurpose Event Space

Sun Farm has hosted many special events & retreats on this Beautiful Land. If you have a celebration coming up or an event you are hosting – contact us to see how we can help you bring this vision to life and reserve our common spaces for your time frame!

Volunteer Days

The Magic never stops at Sun Farm. There are always areas to be weeded, seeds to be planted and creative projects to embark on with groups. Whether you’d like to come help out solo or with a group of friends or family- we’d love to have you. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance so we can get you set up with much Aloha!


Would you like to experience Sun Farm for a bit longer, perhaps overnight? This is the best way to enjoy our Magical sunrises & sunsets. We offer overnight stays where you can camp or have a private room with an outdoor shower, restroom and kitchen that will make take “glamping” to a new level! Feel free to reach out with the dates you have in mind & we will reserve a spot under Kohelepelepe stars just for you.

Wellness Workshops

Join our Sun Farm Ohana contact list for weekly & monthly updates & check our Website & Instagram for all important announcements! These special experiences & workshops range from Yoga at the Farm & Farm to Table events,  to Cacao ceremonies, Planting workshops & more.