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Our Story

#1 Farm

Raising Consciousness from the Inside Out

Sun Farm Hawaii is a place of much Aloha. We’re not just an urban farm, we are a Family. Providing nourishing fruits, greens, flowers, vegetables and herbs to the community is one of the reasons why we do what we do, but the hands-on experience on the land, and health and wellness connection is where the inner growth happens. We love meeting people from our local community and from all over the world, of all ages, who find joy in connecting with the land, and learning from hand-on farming experiences and the mind, body and soul connection. We love sharing our best and find true purpose in working for the greater good through agriculture of the land, and educational experiences for generations to come.

A Little Bit About Us

Established in 2019 by Marcos and Michele Santos, Sun Farm Hawaii was born from an inspiration after the birth of our third child, Malia. We envisioned our children growing connected to nature, learning from grandparents and connected to the community. It is a dream come true. This land chose Marcos and Michele Santos for a reason. Marcos and Michele share the passion for health and wellness and have been actively working in serving the community in Hawaii for over 20 years. Originally from Brazil, they met while attending Hawaii Pacific University. Marcos has also educated himself in agriculture to make a difference in Hawaii. He graduated from the GoFarm Hawaii Program, and is also a qualified Nutritional Coach, having studied at the NY Institute of Integrative Nutrition. He and Michele owned and operated a successful health-powered restaurant on the North Shore- “Taste of Paradise”- before creating their home in Hawaii Kai. Michele is the founder and has been successfully operating Sun Yoga Hawaii in Aina Haina since 2012. Mind, Body and Soul is incorporated into everything on and off the Farm for this Family- which makes the experience an enriching one that goes full circle.


A day on the farm begins with the sound of the natural alarm clock that we all love so much- the beloved chicken coop that houses the roosters who start their day at about 4:30AM. As the day unravels- looking around you can see the WWOOFers watering, while others harvest and plant. Where one leaves off, the other picks up and this goes on daily as Sun Farm continues to blossom, grow and bloom into a community of nourishment, wellness and sustainable learning.

the Santos Ohana

the Heart and Soul of Sun Farm

Marcos Santos
Michele L. Santos
Antonio Carlos
Malia, Matteus, Luca